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licensed professional massage for pain relief or relaxation

why be in pain?



Please do not call after 10PM


What others have said....
"a nice guy and a great healer"
"Healing hands"
"I fell asleep during the massage"
"What a wonderful touch you have and what a pleasant person you are. I thoroughly enjoyed it."
"My range of motion is better"
"I loved the foot massage"
"Best massage ever"
"There was a tremendous connection somehow between us"
"very nurturing"
"I'm completely relaxed"
"Dan is all about relaxation massage"
"Dan is not about deep tissue, he's about hand energy to skin energy"
"he took my pain away"
"I tried to stay awake because I didn't want to miss any of it."
"the best"
"Dan...helped my sciatica a LOT. Right now (knock on wood) I can barely feel it. It's still there, but mild right now. Thanks :)"
"how grateful I am for your massage each week. You keep putting me in a deep trance, and the whole session is very healing. It is getting better and better"
"The meditation stuff you did was amazing....It was so helpful and really powerfully healing. I loved it. That was just great. It made me fall peacefully asleep. and when I woke up my back and neck felt like jelly"
"I never had pleasure like that (massage) before."
"I am feeling much better, the sciatica has been great, not feeling it, so whatever you did must have been really helpful YAY!"
"Was a pleasure meeting you today as well and the foot massage was a nice added treat, thank you."